I’ve just finished a UK Theatre tour with ‘YOU’RE ONLY YOUNG TWICE’ for Ian Dickens Productions. That makes it a hat- trick. The other two being ‘CASH ON DELIVERY’ and the 25th anniversary tour of Ray Cooney’s farce, ‘RUN FOR YOUR WIFE’ – playing Stanley, the same character I played in the earlier version a quarter of a century ago!

Apart from these tours I did some Comedy Stand-Ups. I use the words loosely. They were 40 minute spots. I was booked to do 20 minutes, but I didn’t want to come off as I was enjoying myself so much. I wish I could say the same for the audience.

Television-wise, I did some kid shows, ‘THE LEGEND OF DICK AND DOM’, and ‘THE SLAMMER’. I stooge on a few of ‘THE PAUL O’GRADY SHOWS’ for my mate Joe Pasquale and played a very camp Mr Pink in an episode of ‘BENIDORM’.

Very recently I filmed a programme for the BBC showing how bad a driver I was… then after a quick lesson from Colin, an AA driving instructor, I became an overnight Stirling Moss.

That’s it really, apart from some voice- over’s and an audio for Big Finish Productions. This Audio is rather special in as much as I cannot tell you what it’s about except that it’s coming out out early spring and it is very, very different!

Oh yes I nearly forgot, I’ve written another couple of chapters of my Autobiography. So far it’s taken me 27 years. Thank goodness I don’t earn my living as a writer – it’s hard enough trying to earn it as an actor.